my fran Sara

my co-worker bought me a fuck ton of chocolate for my birthday.



Liquor Bottles Re-Imagined With Labels That Describe The Night Ahead

I never got horrible with fireball. Moscato is fuckin gross, and Jack Daniels is for assholes who never tried Beam.

Kraken. Kraken is the only thing that I have woken up the next day and thought “Oh my god, what have I done.”

Fuck yeah, this shit is the best. Cause me to laugh maniacally and scream at three total strangers and scare the fuck out of my boyfirend at the time. I’m glad I went crazy and scared that pussy bitch off.

this guy I’m seeing called me gorgeous so of course my proper reaction was to chop off my hair like a crazy person what the fuck I’m gonna be 27.

Blue Velvet (1986)


New Thomas Churchwell Photo.

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GOD DAMN FUCKING HELL. that is a nice blog btw wow.